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Healthcare Innovation Challenge


Health matters!


Our healthcare industry is following the science to bring you the medications and vaccines that help fight some of the most serious health concerns facing all of us.

Design thinkers, marketeers, healthcare providers, technologists, data scientists, let's unite! We are looking for creative solutions for real business pain points, to accelerate the future of the pharmaceutical industry using the power of Big Data and Machine Learning.


Join the Healthcare Innovation Challenge for an inspiring and rewarding experience. Take part in making a change to our society.

    Problem Statements    


Increase Awareness and Sense of Urgency on HPV Prevention for Young Adult Men

Despite general awareness of HPV being demonstrated amongst men, most still perceive HPV prevention as irrelevant to them with a misconception that it only concerns female. 

Challenge deliverable

Effective campaign to raise public awareness towards HPV Prevention for Men with call for action. Specifically targeting young adult men aged 18-26. 

Teams are highly encouraged to leverage sufficient and reliable data when designing the proposal.

Siu JY, Fung TKF, Leung LH. American Journal of Men’s Health. 2019;13(1). doi:10.1177:1557988319831912 


Increase Affordability of Oncology Treatment

Healthcare expenditure in HK is the 2nd most expensive in the world after the US, insurance premiums are consequently high. Cancer treatment is often not affordable to many.  

Challenge deliverable

Innovative FinTech/ InsurTech solution or partnership proposal to achieve improved patient journey and better access to low-cost cancer care.

Teams must include sufficient and reliable data as supporting information when designing the proposal.

Jess Lindeman (2017) Pacific Prime's third annual Cost of Health Insurance Report , Pacific Prime

Application Criteria & Prize

Problem Statement 1 

Problem Statement 2

Vetting and Assessment

Shortlisted Teams will proceed to Final Pitching to Judges


1st Runner Up





1st Runner Up

Winning teams may be invited to present to MSD for internship or collaboration opportunity

REGISTRATION  (General requirements)

  • 2-5 members per team. 

  • Teams must be able to attend the Pitch Day in person. 

  • Solutions should address at least one of the Challenge’s provided problem statements.

Key Dates & Milestones


Content Guide






Why your solution

could address

which pain point? 

How to implement

and costing

What is your solution?

Any track record?

What data sources are considered?

Where your solution

could fit for

any situation?


Expected Outcome


Team introduction, composition &

technical capability

  • Qualitative & quantitative

  • Monitoring plan  

Required Proposal format

  • Microsoft PowerPoint ppt, less than 10 pages

  • All applications will undergo screening process

  • All materials should be in English

Assessment & Vetting Criteria

Innovation and Creativity 


  • The innovation is solving one of the specific problem statements

  • Creative problem solving with new form of application and use of effective technologies

  • Cost-effective deployment and integration of resources (including with list of datasets) or technologies

Functionality with Relevant Use of Open Datasets 


  • Understanding and effectively addressing user (patients, citizens, stakeholders) requirements per study of relative data to solve the issue

  • Empowering users to accomplish their functions efficiently (customer-centric, patient-centric)

  • Regulatory compliance, industry/sector best practice compliance

  • Ease of implementation

  • Providing scalability and interoperability

  • Enhancement planning for foreseeable market/sector/community needs

Market Potential/ Performance, Internal User Buy-in or Public Acceptance 



  • Current market share/user base and rolling take-up rate

  • Realistic/justifiable market growth projections for local

  • Future diversification into new sectors/communities

Benefits and Impact 


  • Creating a new operational model for business and public sector enterprises

  • The extent of new and enhanced revenue/profits and/or tangible cost savings, (monetary, efficiency and productivity)

  • Creating impact: industry-impact, sectoral-impact, social-impact, on accessibility and reach, quality and satisfaction, for customers/citizens

  • Enhancing public/market/sectoral community awareness of the use and benefits

  • Including ESG factors in measuring the sustainability and societal impact of this project



  • Reliability and stability

  • Quality standards as reflected by external quality marks/certs (if applicable)

  • User-friendly interface (if applicable)

  • Good presentation skills

More information

For further assistance please contact

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