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Smart Campus Challenge 

A technology adoption program to incubate startups and tech ventures with a focus on smart city and sustainability.

 Join us to access HKSTP business opportunities, collect real-life data and user feedback, reach a wide customer base and more.

Lead with adoption

The Smart Campus Challenge is looking for innovative technologies relevant to the Hong Kong Science Park’s operations.


By adopting campus-fit technologies, the program aims to deliver tech-driven operational excellence

and support the Park to develop a smart campus. 

Unleash the power of your technology 

We provide unparalleled access to a range of benefits, including:


Technology Collaboration and Adoption

Implement your technology

on campus 


Subject Matter Expertise

Gain data and feedback by using our campus as a

real-life testing scenario


Exposure to Trusted Customer Network

Discover potential commercial deals with HKSTP's vast partner base on Demo Day


Brand Endorsement

Align yourself with a respected brand with extensive local resources

Five cohorts line-up




June 2023 – December 2023

Seeking robotics and automation solutions for campus cleaning and patrolling. 


Tech Challenge:
Location Matters!

Q1 2024

Calling for creative and impactful solutions to enhance Park campus navigation and community experiences.


Edutainment at Experience Centre 

Q2 2024

Welcoming innovative solutions to create engaging visitor experiences combining education and entertainment.


Green Tech &

Energy Harvesting

Q3 2024

Encouraging technologies for sustainability and energy harvesting.


Know Your Customer


Q4 2024

Inviting readily available innovative solutions to better understand and engage with visitors.

More information

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